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This camera faces northwest and takes one picture every minute.

That is the Pemigewasset River on the left hand side and you can vaguely see Mt Moosilauke in the distance (just left of the bird feeder). We are a certified natural wildlife sanctuary.

This is what it’s like right now

Bob Hatcher webcam

This picture is updated every 60-seconds from my webcam.


The most recent three hours (updated every hour)

[yendifplayer video=1]

Sunrise this morning
[yendifplayer video=5]

Yesterday – sunrise to sunset
[yendifplayer video=3]

Sunset last night
[yendifplayer video=4]
Lastly, this one might be strange for a while but it is one shot taken at noon every day and played back. So, early in the year it will be very quick.
[yendifplayer video=2]





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